We use only the freshest and healthiest ingredients to cook the best meals for our customers. All our meats are pasture-raised, grass-fed grass-finished, soy and corn free. All of our fish and seafood are wild caught. Our fats, seasonings, fruits and vegetables are organic and always non-gmo. That’s health on a plate!


Our meals are designed by our AIP Certified Nutritional Therapy Practitioner (NTP) with your health in mind and packed with nutrients. Each meal contains balanced macro and micronutrients to ensure optimal health. We also believe a restrictive diet doesn’t mean restricted flavor. Our chef prepared meals are designed to offer you a delicious, taste bud thrilling culinary experience, incorporating flavors from all over the world. Bon Appétit!


Meal prep subscriptions are known to generate a lot of waste. To minimize our impact on the environment, all Urban AIP’s packaging is 100% compostable or recyclable. Our meal trays as well as the insulation used in our shipping boxes are certified compostable and our food sleeves, lidding film and shipping boxes are fully recyclable. We also source ingredients that are ethically grown and raised, and that are as close to home as possible to reduce our carbon footprint.


Environmental toxins and chemicals have a profound impact on our health, particularly when it comes to autoimmune disease. For example, research shows a direct relation between BPA and autoimmunity. Bisphenol A (BPA) found in plastic packaging and thermal paper, has been the focus of many studies and discussions, but other bisphenols are believed to be just as implicated in triggering autoantibodies. This is why we have carefully selected all our packaging to ensure your meals are completely chemical free, by choosing plant-based lining for our containers. You can reheat your meals directly in the tray they come in with the peace of mind that BPA, aluminum, or other chemicals will never be leaching into your food. We also use re-mineralized reverse osmosis water for all our cooking.



We know first-hand that balancing health problems and adopting an AIP lifestyle can feel overwhelming. In addition to taking care of the dietary aspect of your protocol, every active subscription includes access to our weekly live Q&A with a qualified AIP Certified Coach to address any concerns or questions you may have on your AIP journey. Keep in mind, our coaches cannot diagnose or offer medical advice. However, we are happy to troubleshoot anything with you that is within our scope of practice and will help you find success on AIP.


Meal prep subscriptions are known to generate a lot of waste. In order to minimize our impact on the environment, all of Urban AIP's packaging is 100% backyard compostable or recyclable. Our meal trays as well as the insulation used in our shipping boxes are certified backyard compostable and our food sleeves, lidding film and shipping boxes are fully recyclable. We also source ingredients that are ethically grown and raised, and that are as close to home as possible to reduce our carbon footprint. Lastly, we are a proud member of 1% for the Planet and are committed to donating a portion of our profit to helping build a sustainable future.


Our vision is to make AIP more accessible regardless of personal circumstances. With that in mind, we’ve designed a pay it forward program. For every 20 active subscriptions, we will donate one 30-day meal plan (that’s 4 Ultimate AIP boxes) to someone with less resources, who would like to experience the healing benefit of an AIP elimination diet. We’re in this together.


Battling an Autoimmune disease, juggling a busy career while also
being on AIP is something I know first-hand. The year was 2015.
I was working as a freelance filmmaker, wearing multiple hats working
at a local wildlife rehabilitation center, and bartending to make ends
meet. I was way too busy, but genuinely loving every minute of it.
I had been dealing with chronic joint pain, weight gain, and severe
asthma for well over a decade at that point but thought it was just,
well, part of life.

After a particularly emotionally challenging year, I started to develop
additional symptoms including severe memory loss. I began
consulting numerous doctors and eventually received a diagnosis
of Hashimoto’s thyroiditis. I was told my memory loss was most likely
early onset of Alzheimer’s and that I should make the most of the
time I had left. There was no cure for my autoimmune disease and
although I was sick, I wasn’t sick enough yet to warrant other
treatments. I was told to just wait.

As isolating as this made me feel, I now know stories like this exist
by the thousands.

Determined to find a better answer, I turned to functional medicine
hoping to get to the root cause of my symptoms and was introduced
to AIP. AIP had its challenges for sure. However, for me, the results
came quickly. Within 6 weeks my symptoms were gone. I was blown

When I went back to the doctor, my thyroid antibodies were down significantly, and my thyroid function was balanced. I felt invincible! As I returned to my normal work schedule, maintaining AIP became impossible. So I figured, “bah, if I get sick again, I’ll just get back on it and be better within 6 weeks” …not quite.

Most of us get diagnosed while living busy lives, and shifting schedules and responsibilities around isn’t so easy. Between the stress of navigating a new diagnosis, the stress of finding the “right” way to heal, the stress of keeping up with everyday obligations despite being completely exhausted, there are simply not enough hours and energy left in the day to overcome the vicious cycle of autoimmunity.As I began indulging in my favorite pizza and quick on-the-go meals, it didn’t take long before I was right back where I started, flare ups and all. When I went back on AIP, the relief didn’t come as quickly either.

That's where I learned that AIP isn’t a miracle cure. It’s a tool to add to your bag along your autoimmunity journey. I also learned that, how long it will take for someone to feel better on AIP depends on the person and the health of their gut. That autoimmune disease can be reactivated at any point and choosing to be healthy is a decision we need to renew daily. That lifestyle is just as important as food. And that it’s ok to cry, scream, want to kick a teddy bear and pout for having to say goodbye to Gluten forever. I was eventually successful at reaching remission using AIP. But the challenges that came with the dietary portion of the protocol never went away for me. The better I felt, the more things I wanted to do. The more I did, the less time I had to cook and the more frustrated I felt having to choose between maintaining my health and pursuing my dreams. I wanted a solution that would give me the time to pursue the things I loved to do, to live, laugh, enjoy my friends and family and play. I wanted to feel nourished not just with food but with everything life had to offer. And I wanted to help others feel the same. And so Urban AIP was born. The few years that separate us from the moment the idea came to me until today were spent building every aspect of the business in order to best serve our future customers. I went back to school and graduated as a nutritional Therapy Practitioner. I partnered with a wonderful chef who shares with me a genuine passion for helping people in addition to her diverse culinary expertise. I began laying out the foundation of the business, making sure our passion for helping others would be reflected in every component of the business, from the food itself to our sustainability practices, to our giving back programs. Then we brought on a savvy and creative food scientist to help bring it all together, ensuring the best product quality and developing new AIP product alternatives. And so here we are. I am humbled and grateful to be able to share Urban AIP with you and I hope it will serve you as a tool to heal, and a tool to help you regain the freedom to follow all the things that bring you joy and happiness. To your health!



AIP stands for AutoImmune Paleo approach and has been the subject of numerous studies involving a variety of autoimmune diseases. Developed by Dr. Sarah              Ballantyne, AIP focuses on eating a nutrient dense, anti-inflammatory diet, removing key allergens such as grains, dairy, nightshades and lectins (including nuts, seed and legumes).

The protocol also focuses on adding nutrient dense food to optimize healing. Things like
organ meats, bone broth, and fermented foods. This part of the protocol is referred to as
the Elimination Phase.

Depending on the severity of their condition, the type of autoimmune disease and their age, people are recommended an average of 30 to 90 days on elimination, although some people may benefit from staying on the Elimination Phase longer.

Once people experience a significant improvement in symptoms, it’s time for the 2nd phase of the protocol; The Reintroduction. This portion often gets overlooked as people start feeling so good on the Elimination Phase and dread the potential side effects of reintroducing certain foods. However it is important to remember that optimal health is derived from us having the most diverse whole food diet possible. The Reintroduction Phase does not have a time limit. Patients explore different phases of reintroduction and monitor their symptoms to achieve the diet that fits their own bio individuality, allowing them to thrive and restore their health.

Lifestyle is the second side to the AIP protocol, and is just as powerful as the dietary portion. In order to put our disease into remission we not only need to reduce our inflammation through food and nourish our bodies, we also need plenty of Sleep so that our tissues can repair, a manageable amount of Movement, reduced Stress, and time for Self-Care and Co
nnection with others.

At Urban AIP, we aim to take the dietary stress off your plate so that the hours you will be saving in the day can be put towards improving your lifestyle and connecting with those you love. Here’s to your health and recovery!



We feature Buy Ranch Direct meats in all of our meals, not including wild-caught fish
or seafood.
All of Buy Ranch Direct’s animals are 100% pasture raised. Ruminants such as cattle, yak and bison are 100% grass-fed and grass-finished. When it comes to the foraging animals such as chicken, turkeys, ducks, pigs and rabbits, the animals eat their specie-intended diets while foraging on the ranch. During the cold season, foraging animals may receive supplemental feed in the form of 100% organic rice. Never any corn or soy.
We take the cost of eating animal protein to heart and are proud to support Buy Ranch Direct in their effort to provide the highest animal welfare and sustainable farming practices.